Shortly after 03:00 on Friday, 02 June 2017 members of Table View Police Station were busy with patrols when they received a complaint of a housebreaking in Porcupine Way, Flamingo Vlei.  The members responded immediately, and whilst on route, a local armed response company contacted the members and stated that he observed two males running towards Jamieson Road. He found it odd that they were running that time of the morning and the officers informed him, that the men could be linked to the housebreaking they were responding to.

When the officers arrived in Jamieson Road two suspects were apprehended and handed over to police.  Neither one of the suspects could provide a valid reason for being in the area at that time of the morning.

The suspects were searched and a car key was found on them, they were then transported to the police station for questioning.

The police officers attended to the housebreaking complaint, where a security officer was waiting.  The home owner was on vacation and the alarm was triggered.  The security officer indicated that he responded and noticed two figures running around the house, it appeared as if they attempted to gain access to the house by forcing one of the windows open.  They did not gain access, and were surprised by the swift reaction of the armed response.

At the police station one of the suspects gave a description of ‘his’ vehicle, but could not provide the registration number.  The officers went back to Jamieson Road and found a white vehicle with no number plates.  When searched they discovered a few items in the boot of the vehicle.  These items were shortly linked to a housebreaking in Stilt Avenue, Flamingo Vlei, which occurred during the same morning.

The vehicle is not registered and not reported stolen.