The Neighbourhood Watch way of life:

The Table View Neighbourhood Watch (TVNW) was formed in 2008 by a group of residents in Flamingo Vlei who were very concerned about the increasing number of incidents of crime in the community. From small beginnings, and with very little experience in how to develop and sustain an organisation directly associated with safety and security issues, the TVNW has grown with the support of its dedicated members and in consultation with SAPS and the Community Police Forum.

As volunteers, our members are the “eyes and ears” that assist the crime-fighting agencies in our community in bringing about a measure of stability to Table View and all its environs by limiting opportunities for criminals to commit crimes. Our members are not expected to intervene in any dangerous situations.

The TVNW has deservedly acquired a reputation that we are all very proud of and is without doubt a major role player in winning the war against crime. Our track record that has achieved so much is due to the uniqueness of our Watch and that is due to the fact that we are a 24/7 radio-linked community. Help is therefore only a send button away.

To ensure effective management and excellent results we have adopted the same 3 sectors policing strategy as used by SAPS, which encompasses all the surrounding suburbs of Table View. Each sector has its own sector General Manager and we work together to enhance the safety and security of our community.

To achieve our ultimate goal we need all the residents of Table View and environs to get actively involved in the life of our community and assist us in taking back our sense of security and our streets.

Neighbourhood Watch is for everyone. We cater for radio-linked and non-radio linked members and are very active in the establishment of street committees, as well. Our members are of every age group, income bracket, race and gender. Become the difference you would like to see in your community, by sending your details and your preferred area of involvement, to:

Table View Neighbourhood Watch Committee:


Grant Lemos- 

Vice Chairman/Treasurer:

Brian Gardener- 

Sector 1 General Manager:

Wayde Greig –

Sector 2 General Manager:

Nadine Ross –

Sector 3 General Manager:

Carol Ann Avery – 


Elizabeth Derman –

Neighbourhood Watch Control Room:

Neighbourhood Watch Emergency Number: 084 383 1814