Table View Police Station would like to issue a warning to the community that robberies are on the increase.  In order to reduce this crime, the community is made aware and should take heed of the following:

When you are behind the steering wheel of your vehicle, it is against the law to use your hands to hold your cell phone and speaking on it.  Recently, a victim was stationary at a red traffic light on the corners of Gie- and Blaauwberg Road in Table View, when the thief grabbed the cell phone form his hands through the window and ran away.  This occurred before 09:00 in the morning.

Hot-spot areas with similar crime has been communicated via various mediums previously.

Refrain from talking on your cellular phone whilst walking in public, many victims have been threatened with dangerous weapons, and their cell phones taken from them by force.

Please warn your family, friends and neighbours.

Should you be aware of any crimes being committed in your neighbourhood, contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111, or your local police station.