Parklands Neighbourhood Watch

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch LogoThe Parklands Neighbourhood Watch (PNW) was formed in early 2014 by a group of residents in the Parklands/Sunningdale area. This was initiated by the concern created from the high crime statistics in our immediate community and the belief that a smaller, more focused area needed to be covered by PNW. This would allow for the micro management of crime and contributing issues in our area.

In a very short period of time, PNW has grown extensively with the support of its dedicated members and in partnership with the SAPS, the Community Police Forum, the Department of Community Safety and the Local Medical and Security Companies.

We have a privately owned radio repeater system which enables members to be radio linked 24/7, with a panic button feature for members. This panic button system allows us to identify a specific member when activated in case of emergency.

The PNW control room is situated in the heart of Parklands, at the Ashwood Centre complex.

We also have a Crime Alerts system, based on What’s App via cell phone, which is open to the general public. Email to join and get all crime emergency updates as they happen.

The Parklands Neighbourhood Watch Cell Number is 079 453 7420 and is monitored 24/7 – SAVE THIS NUMBER ON YOUR CELL PHONE.

PNW House Board
We also supply PNW home sign boards. These are available to the general public that are resident in our operational area. Please email to request a board. They are supplied and installed by the Watch at a minimal cost.

Please join our Facebook public page to stay informed by clicking on the link below –

PNW members are all volunteers who assist and support the various community policing structures in Parklands, Sunningdale and Rivergate.

PNW is fast becoming a major influence in the fight against crime with many successes having been recorded to date. To achieve our ultimate goal of a crime free Parklands/Sunningdale, we need all residents of our community to get actively involved and join PNW.

To get involved and help make a difference, please send an email to or attend our weekly new members application and information sessions, enquire via email or watch our public Facebook page.

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch Contacts:

Chairman: Gary le Roux –

Vice Chairman: Darren Witticom –

Secretary: Cherie Hutchings –

Patrol Captain: Sean Lemos –


PNW Cell Phone monitored 24/7 – 079 453 7420
Fundraising: Gavin van der Westhuizen –