Mission Statement:

. Rescue the poor . Fight for Justice . Restore Dignity Rescue . Love . Restore .

About SALT:

SALT is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2003 to help and assist with the vast needs of our local community (TableView, Milnerton, Du Noon and Joe Slovo settlements in the Western Cape).

Approaching our local clinics we wanted to see how we could assist with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South-Africa. We began supplying 20 LIGHT BAGS (food parcels) to mothers with HIV/AIDS. We now supply approximately 900 LIGHT BAGS PER MONTH to clinics and other organizations that we network with.

Disaster Management:

Being so involved in the community we are at times involved in any fire/flood or disaster that may affect our area or community. Du Noon and Joe Slovo just 10km from Table view are often affected by mass fires where up to 300 shacks and families are left with nothing but the clothing on their backs.

SALT together with other organizations step in and assist for the first few days in supplying food, blankets and clothing. We do this by working closely with the community leaders who take responsibility for the distribution of the donations of food etc.

SALT played a key role in the recent Xenophobia attacks in the Western Cape . We were instrumental in the initial evacuation of victims and were the main distribution centre and supplied food, toiletries, baby food and formula, blankets and care during the time that refugees were housed in various community halls.

The Table View police forum has since requested that SALT be one of the key organizations involved in setting up a Disaster management plan for our community and be involved in the relief structure when disasters affect our community.

Needs For Disaster Management:

  •  Financial assistance to purchase food, blankets, toiletries and clean drinking water at the time of need.
  •  Donations of blankets, clothing, food, toiletries and clean drinking water.


Contact Details:

Pauline De Klerk:
083 631 4889

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