Rainbow Star Child Safety

Ursula Doran (Director) – ursula.prism@axxess.co.za
Dallas Doran (Director) – dallas.prism@axxess.co.za

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Tel: 021-557 6655
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See our different child safety and protection packages and if you’re interested in obtaining one or more of the products, please contact us direct on 081 270 4717 or visit our website to place an order. A percentage of our revenues go towards the funding of FREE CHILD ID KITS for parents in impoverished areas and where the children are at higher risk of abduction and more likely to go missing for any number of reasons than most.

No child should be without one. We have received wide commendation for this DIY child ID kit that includes an FBI style fingerprint and physical description card, fingerprint ink strips, DNA swabs, and all necessary accessories and instructions to complete the card in the comfort of your own home. Once complete you store the kit in a safe place and if your child ever goes missing.  Take the kit to the nearest police station so that they can begin a search immediately without having to interview the parents to obtain relevant information about the child.