On Friday, 29 May 2017 at 00:45 a 49 year old female was arrested when she was driving recklessly, swerving across the West Coast Road, Table View.  When police officers of Table View activated their sirens indicating to her to stop, she kept on driving.  The officers then proceeded to drive in front of her vehicle and brought her car to a stand still.

The female driver was alone in the car and appeared to be intoxicated, with the odour of alcohol on her breath, slurred speech and blood shot eyes.  She admitted to drinking before she got behind the wheel of her vehicle.  She indicated to the officers that she is not that drunk and that she lives around the corner.

She was arrested and taken to a nearby centre where a breathaliser was admitted on her to determine her breath alcohol content.  The reading was over the legal limit.

Her court appearance date is set for 6 June 2017 at Cape Town Magistrate Court.

In December 2016 a person driving under the influence of alcohol caused the death of a foreign national, when he drove into a group of friends walking on a pavement in Arum Road.  This case is till ongoing in the Cape Town Magistrate Court and the next court appearance date for the accused is 27 June 2017.

Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is against the law and will not be tolerated.  You may cause the death or serious injury to an innocent individual if you transgress this law.