Community Clean Up – Saturday 15 July 2017

In this cold and wet and muddy Saturday morning we did another Community Clean Up – Coffee-less. Our first stop was Baby drop zone (area by water slide behind PnP). At this spot we cleaned 3 camps and filled the skip (thank you Skipgo). The dilemma now was we only had a trailer left, so we headed to Albany Park. Here 2 sites were cleaned and the trailer nearly filled. Next stop Oakdale Park where regular customers were making a fire which immediately gave away their location. We spent some time there, as our regular stone throwing locals actually asked for help and Inspector Kurt Brice was speaking to her and arranging a social service visit. Trailer now fully loaded we finished earlier than normal. Thank you to the 13 strong crew who gave up their Saturday morning to make a difference. Clean Ups are directly linked to crime in our area! Hope to see more volunteers next time!