Community calls in Drug Dealers

A tip-off from an anonymous caller lead to the arrest of suspected drug dealers in Table View.

Early on the morning of Monday, 14 August 2017 police officers were informed about a premises in Stilt Avenue, Table View, where suspicious activities were taking place.  A strong suspicion that drugs were being manufactured and sold from the premises were shared with police, who reacted swiftly on the information.

When the officers arrived at the address, they knocked on the door, upon which a male acknowledged the officers presence through a window.  He stated that he did not have a key to the front door, but will look for it.  After a short while the officers knocked again, and the door was actually unlocked, so they entered the house, with the permission of the home occupant.

The officers noticed a strong odour of cannabis in the air.  One of the officers noticed some mandrax tablets on a table in one of the rooms.  The male was then asked to accompany the officers throughout the house, in search of drugs.  He was informed that an anonymous caller reported suspicious activity from the house.  Three more people were inside the house.

When officers noticed cannabis plants in one of the rooms, the male responded that it was “tomato plant”, unfortunately for him, the officers have seen many cannabis plants and were able to conclusively confirm by the structure of the stem and leaves, that it was indeed cannabis and not tomato plants.

Other paraphernalia, such as lights, fans and thermostats were also discovered, amongst other items used during the use of drugs and cultivation of cannabis.

All four suspects were arrested and taken to Table View Police Station, where they were detained until their first court appearance on Wednesday, 16 August 2017 at Cape Town Magistrate Court.

Milnerton Cluster Commander, Major General Aneeqah Jordaan commended the SAPS members for their swift response, but reiterated that the arrest would not have been made without the information received from the community.  Community members who have information about criminal activities are asked to register as informants at their local police station.  They can ask to speak to the head of the detectives, who will explain the process.