Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement works closely with other local, provincial and national government departments and external agencies to uphold local by-laws and deal with contraventions. By-laws are laws that are passed by the City Council to uphold social order. Common by-laws include those formulated to control graffiti, noise, stray animals, vehicle parking, building and construction, zoning, metal theft, loitering and public drinking. Breaking a by-law is a serious offence. Law Enforcement’s trained officers have the power to confiscate, arrest, issue warnings and fines and shut down illegal operations where by-laws are broken. Law Enforcement officers are easily identifiable, driving branded vehicles and wearing uniforms. They are distinct from the City’s Metro Police unit, which besides law enforcement, is also responsible for crime prevention and implementing national laws. They are also not to be confused with Traffic Services, Emergency Services and SAPS, all of which have different, albeit complementary functions.

Please use the C3 Service request link to report all law enforcement infringements:

Law Enforcement comprises the following specialised units: